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Hazel Bowden

Cllr Bowden
I moved to Watchet in 1976 from Hounslow, Middlesex, and am married to Tony Bowden a local man formerly serving on the Watchet Town Council. As an elected Councillor on Watchet Town Council from May 1995, I am a keen supporter in retaining green areas in Watchet. We were foster parents for several years. I am a member of the Twinning Society and was involved with the fundraising efforts for the Knights Templar School swimming pool.

Olivia Campbell

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Lucy Corlett-Shaw

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Sarah Ellwood

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John Irven

Born in Northampton, I worked for 40 years in Industry after gaining a degree in chemistry and a PhD in optical fibre technology. In retirement, I lecture part time at the University of London, chair a Research Institute in Cambridge and have returned to live in Watchet with my wife Rachel, who grew up here. We enjoy family life with our two sons and grandson. My local interests are in disabled and equalities issues and campaigning for the local library. I am treasurer of the Conservation Society and Library Friends Group, and help practically with the Museum, Kids Festival and am chair of Watchet Summertime. I joined Watchet Town Council in May 2011.

Cosmo Johnson

I have been a councillor since 2014 and have, and do, serve on a number of committees and working groups. I love living in Watchet having first visited 30 years ago and moved here in 2006. I try to involve myself in as many community activities as I can, Watchet has a great tradition of hosting interesting and diverse events which rely on volunteer participation, I am fortunate to have time available to help where I can. Whilst respecting the views and rights of local people should be any councillor's main priority, I also am committed to enhancing and preserving the environment which brings the many visitors to Watchet who are so vital to the future and prosperity of the town. I am married, have two adult children and a step dog.

Peter Murphy

Cllr Murphy
Born 1952 and educated in Leicester, I obtained a degree in Geography and worked for 27 years as a secondary school teacher in Doncaster. I was a local union secretary and became a member of the Labour party. I have lived in Watchet since 2002 with my wife Liz, and enjoy the community spirit in the town. I feel it is important to contribute to the community and I am treasurer of the Watchet Market House Museum Society and also chairman of Watchet Library Friends campaigning to keep open the library in Watchet and chairman of Friends of Somerset Libraries. A member of Watchet Town Council since 2007, and a member of West Somerset Council since 2011, my main interests are planning and environmental issues and the Mineral Line conservation group.

John Richards

Often referred to as a "bit of a maverick" by my business colleagues, I am an entrepreneur from Watchet who has spent my whole life in the entertainment and gaming industries, forming a string of small, successful companies and have lived and worked in Watchet since 1988. I am supportive of many local organisations and am heavily involved as a volunteer in what little free time I do have, helping diverse bodies such as Somerset Market Towns Forum, Watchet Chamber of Trade and the Somerset Chamber of Trade. In these and other organisations (including the council) my analytical mind is often called into play to provide an original view point and to criticise projects in order to find their weaknesses. My hobbies include flying and "playing" wih old aeroplanes and flying them in flying displays around Europe.

Sean Terrett

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Dave Westcott

Cllr Westcott
I was born in Roadwater and attended local schoools in Washford, Williton and Minehead. I have worked locally, opening the Williton and Minehead Co-ops, and owned Glenmore Foods in Watchet for 20 years. I still have other business interests in the town. I was elected onto Watchet Town Council in 1995 and I now also represent Watchet on West Somerset Council.

Loretta Whetlor

Cllr Whetlor
I came to live here in January 1997 and became a Town Councillor in 1999. I take an active part in many organisations in the Town, in particular Watchet Carnival Club and Watchet Music Festival. I am in charge of Watchet Blooms which is part of WACET (the Chamber of Trade) which sponsors the floral displays on the Esplanade and in the town. Am vice chair of West Somerset Seniors Network and South West Seniors Forums which supports older people in Watchet and throughout the South West. A keen supporter of Watchet Library Friends, the group dedicated to keeping our library open. Have been on many working groups with the Council, more recently engaged in keeping the Public Toilets open, installation of CCTV and the planning of the new build at the Boat Museum. I am a representative on Somerset Association of Local Councils and represent Somerset on the National Association of Local Councils. I have been Chairman of Watchet Council, having done two terms and also have the honour of being the first Mayor of Watchet. Watchet is a great place in which to live. It has a great future and I am proud to live here.



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