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There has been a spate of vandalism in Watchet especially within the last 6 months to Council property which is causing Watchet Town Council some serious concern. This has ranged from graffiti on play equipment, damage to signage, daily vandalism to the toilet roll dispensers at Harbour Road toilets, where someone is breaking the padlocks and stealing the toilet rolls, and someone tipped a full rubbish bin down the toilet facility at Brendon Road Cemetery, which demonstrates no respect at all to those visiting their loved ones at the Cemetery.

The main vandalism has been to the Council owned private car park located in West Street. In November 2018, the swipe card machine which allows entry to the car park was vandalised beyond repair. The Council replaced this with a more secure fob entry system but at a considerable cost. The new system was installed on the 4 March 2019, and then the electrical barrier was reported stolen on the 9 April 2019. The old barrier has since been found, it was thrown over the cliff at the top of Cleeve Hill.

The Council are working closely with the Police to find the offender/s and check the barrier for fingerprints, as it is believed that the offender/s live locally within Watchet.

The Town Council want to make the Watchet residents aware that it is their money that is paying for the replacement of such facilities.

Watchet Town Council are therefore asking the public to be vigilant in reporting any incidents or suspicious behaviour to the Town Council Office or the Police, however minor, and let’s work together to keep Watchet safe for those living and working here. Watchet is an amazing community which is being threatened at the moment by a small minority who have no respect for the town or its people!!



Watchet Community Centre is available to hire for one-off events such as parties and meetings, and is also available for regular bookings! Click here for more information on the Centre and also hire costs etc.



HAVE YOUR SAY! Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is changing and they want you to have your say. They will be coming to an area near you between 1 July - 20 september 2019, to give you a chance to speak to them and find out more. For a list of dates and venues click here.



Somerset Waste Partnership collect the Waste and Recycling in and around Watchet, on behalf on West Somerset Council. For more information on what do with you refuse during adverse weather conditions please Click Here.

Somerset Waste Partnership are looking for Drivers in Somerset. Click here for job information and how to apply.



ROAD CLOSURE - Prohibiting ALL traffic along Five Bellsfrom the juction from Brendon Road and Washford Hill, eastwards for a distance of 1130 metres. This is to enable BT Openreach to carry out D Pole Project works. The works are expected to start on 3 September 2019 for a period of three days between 9.30am and 3.30pm

Map of Road closure including diversions



Watchet Town Council manages bookings for the Esplanade on behalf of West Somerset District Council. If you would like to hire the Esplanade for a Community Event please find the relevant forms to be completed below. All booking requests require a full Risk Assessment to be completed.

Esplanade Booking Form

Risk Assessment form

Risk Assessment Definitions

Please return the completed forms to the Watchet Town Council Office. Your request will be put before the Tourism & Leisure Committee for approval.



Watchet Town Council have 13 x Square Gazebos and 3 x Hexagonal Gazebos available for hire. The price of hire is as follows:

Square Gazebo hire - £7.50 each

Hexagonal Gazebo hire - £10.00 each

Refundable deposit of £50.00 per Gazebo

If you would like to Hire Watchet Town Council Gazebos, please complete the form below and return to the Watchet Town Council Office

Gazebo Hire Request Form

Gazebo Hire Policy



Watchet Town Council has now released its flood plan - and its calling for volunteers to help make it watertight. The long awaited plan brings almost a year of work into fruition, and means the town is now well prepared to deal with any future flooding.

The full flood plan for Watchet has been formally adopted by the Council and contains details of actions to be taken in the event of flood or in response to severe warning, including how to help the wardens and emergency services best carry out their duties. Now we are looking for more volunteers so if interested please contact Watchet Town Council office on 01984 633344. Further training and advice is ongoing for the flood wardens and evacuation assistants, including a multi-agency training day.

Somerset County Council now has a new way for anyone to report flooding in or on their property, whether current or historic, by visiting swim.geowessex.com/somerset



The 2019 Annual Town Meeting will take place at the Methodist Schoolroom on 16 April 2019 commencing at 7pm. All government electors entitled to attend. Please click here for full details.

The Watchet Annual Town Meeting took place on Tuesday 17 April 2018 at the Methodist Schoolroom, Harbour Road, and commenced at 7pm. Approximately 60 Government Electors for Watchet attended. The Chair of Council addressed the audience and introduced the Chairs of Committee to report on actions taken by the Council over the year. The meeting was mostly positive and there were many interesting questions asked of Councillors. The Minutes of the 2018 meeting will be available prior to the 2019 Annual Town Meeting. 

For the 2019 Annual Town Meeting agenda click here, and for the minutes of the 2018 Annual Town Meeting Click Here.


Watchet Town Council - Dog Exclusion (Watchet) Order 2013

NOTICE is hereby given that Watchet Town Council made an Order on the 11 March 2013 click here to see Notice

This Order came into effect on 1 April 2013 Click on the links below to see the Order and the Map.

Dog Exclusion (Watchet) Order 2013

Dog Exclusion (Watchet) Order 2013 Map


To see your Community events and notices posted on our website contact the Town Council offices: clericalofficer@watchettowncouncil.org

Community Notices can be posted in the Community Notice Boards around the town:

The Triangular Notice Board located on the Esplanade - There are 2 sides for community notices, the Market House Museum side for A4 Annual/Seasonal events calendars, and the Esplanade side for A5 Single Events

The Swain Street Notice Board located at the Swain Street entrance to the Car Park - For A5 Single Event notices

The Mineral Yard Notice Board located at the entrance to the Mineral Yard Car Park - For A5 Single Event notices

Watchet Town Council reserve the right to amend notices that do not fit this criteria