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Council Notices


Watchet Town Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday 24 March 2020 to finalise and agree the contingency plan, which includes:
The Council will be working in Business Continuity Mode from 25 March 2020 with the office closed and Staff working from home. This will enable Council operations to continue.
For queries please contact:
Sarah Reed, Town Clerk on townclerk@watchettowncouncil.org
Telephone: 07534 363237 (the landline number 01984 633344 will be diverted to the Clerk’s mobile so the public can still use this number if they don’t have access to a mobile phone)

Statement from Sarah Reed, Clerk to the Council 26th March 2020
Watchet Town Council agreed to:

  • Cancel or postpone all non-essential meetings, public meetings (Annual Town Meeting) consultation and civic events and events on the Watchet Esplanade for the next 2 months.  Events after that date the situation will be monitored, and event organisers will be encouraged to follow government directives banning public gatherings.

  • Watchet Community Centre bookings are cancelled for the foreseeable future including Youth Club weekly sessions. The Centre has closed its doors in line with school closures across the country.

  • Watchet Library closed on Wednesday 18 March and library users are advised not to return library books, hold onto them until further advised and no fines will be incurred.

  • Watchet Market season will be postponed but will be reviewed regularly; this also includes the WCCT Watchet Street Fayres which were planned to start in April 2020.

  • To help control spread of the virus, children’s playgrounds, skate parks, and public toilets have been closed.

  • Agreed to earmark a Coronavirus reserve at an initial level of £10,000 subject to a 6-monthly review, to help with the community’s efforts to support those in need of assistance to prevent social isolation.

Watchet Town Council has a joint approach to safeguarding all its residents during this uncertain time and supports the Watchet Coronavirus Community Help Group, can be contacted on 01984 573073 or via the dedicated website www.watchet.link and Face book page https://www.facebook.com/coronaviruswatchet/
'Watchet Connects' newsletter is currently composing a special edition to go to all houses in Watchet focused on COVID 19, with information on the above Community Help Group and useful lists on which shops are open and food delivery services. It will also include contact details for Watchet Town Council.

The Quantock Foodbank’s will continue to provide a lifeline of emergency food to people unable to afford the essentials and our aim is to remain operating for as long as possible, and to return to operational status as soon as practicable after any outbreak of the virus amongst volunteers or their families. Measures have been taken to prevent the spread of infection, so please DO NOT visit the Foodbank in person as the Foodbank is a clean area for your protection and that of the volunteers who work there. We anticipate an increase in demand for  services and encourage continued public donations which can be made at our collection points such as the Watchet Swain Street Co-Op. If you are in need of Food Parcels, please contact Village Agents Tracey Bland 07958 415261; Izzy Silvester 07931 018045;Ellie Bishop 07985 748910; or the Foodbank 07483 815122. The generosity and support  of our community together with that of the agencies and those who arranged to bring  donations to, and collect parcels from us for delivery, is very much appreciated at such a challenging time

SERVICES UPDATE from Somerset Waste Partnership: Staff shortages mean that if recycling collections are missed, we may lack the resources to make return pick-ups. If you are missed, do not leave containers out or report it; take everything in and re-present the following week. To help crews: rinse containers, squash all but glass and aerosols, sort-segregate materials without using carrier bags, and put out by 7am. All food waste must go in the food waste bin.

  • PLUS: Bulky waste and garden waste collections suspended – details below.

  • Suspended – all garden waste collections.

  • So, customers do not lose out financially, SWP is extending all subscriptions to take account of the disruption, however long it lasts. So, if disruption continues until the end of April 2020, the new annual subscriptions will last until the end of April 2021.

  • Suspended – requests for bins, recycling boxes and food waste caddies. Teams will try to deliver those already ordered, but no new requests will be accepted.

  • Suspended – bulky waste collections. Booked customers will be contacted shortly about refunds.

  • Paused – the roll-out of the Slim My Waste, Feed My Face campaign so support staff are available for priority work. A decision on delivering the campaign to the remaining areas of Sedgemoor and West Somerset will be taken later.

  • Closed – all recycling sites.

  • All 16 recycling centres have been closed until further notice; everyone is being asked to hold onto their garden waste etc.

Chair of Watchet Town Council and Mayor of Watchet, Cllr John Irven sends the community a message: “We hope that in this time of great national challenge that Watchet residents will follow all Government directives on social distancing and self-isolation, including instructions to stay at home. I know that the fantastic community in Watchet will be trying its utmost to help everyone in the best ways that they are able, but most importantly supporting those who are most vulnerable by some of the methods advocated in this newsletter and offered through Watchet Town Council and other government agencies, Watchet Town Council sends its best wishes to the Watchet community and urges them to keep safe and healthy””
Watchet Town Council asks everyone to adhere to the Prime Minister’s message of the 25 March 2020 to protect the Watchet community:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)

  • Stay 2 metres away from other people

  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have the symptoms

Watchet Town Council urges everyone to look out for friends, family, neighbours, the Community, but most of all yourself. It is important that you all stay safe so you can continue to help those in need at this uncertain time.


Please look out for regular updates on this website page or on the Watchet Town Council’s Face book page: @WatchetTownCll 



Watchet Community Centre is available to hire for one-off events such as parties and meetings, and is also available for regular bookings

Watchet Community Centre Policy

Casual Hire Booking Form

Regular Hire Booking Form

If you would like to discuss hiring the Centre in more detail please call Jo on 01984 633344



Somerset Waste Partnership collect the Waste and Recycling in and around Watchet, on behalf on West Somerset Council. For more information on what do with you refuse during adverse weather conditions please Click Here.

Somerset Waste Partnership are looking for Drivers in Somerset. Click here for job information and how to apply.



Watchet Town Council manages bookings for the Esplanade on behalf of West Somerset District Council. If you would like to hire the Esplanade for a Community Event please find the relevant forms to be completed below. All booking requests require a full Risk Assessment to be completed.

Esplanade Booking Form

Risk Assessment form

Risk Assessment Definitions

Please return the completed forms to the Watchet Town Council Office. Your request will be put before the Tourism & Leisure Committee for approval.



Watchet Town Council have 13 x Square Gazebos and 3 x Hexagonal Gazebos available for hire. The price of hire is as follows:

Square Gazebo hire - £7.50 each

Hexagonal Gazebo hire - £10.00 each

Refundable deposit of £50.00 per Gazebo

If you would like to Hire Watchet Town Council Gazebos, please complete the form below and return to the Watchet Town Council Office

Gazebo Hire Request Form

Gazebo Hire Policy



Watchet Town Council has now released its flood plan - and its calling for volunteers to help make it watertight. The long awaited plan brings almost a year of work into fruition, and means the town is now well prepared to deal with any future flooding.

The full flood plan for Watchet has been formally adopted by the Council and contains details of actions to be taken in the event of flood or in response to severe warning, including how to help the wardens and emergency services best carry out their duties. Now we are looking for more volunteers so if interested please contact Watchet Town Council office on 01984 633344. Further training and advice is ongoing for the flood wardens and evacuation assistants, including a multi-agency training day.

Somerset County Council now has a new way for anyone to report flooding in or on their property, whether current or historic, by visiting swim.geowessex.com/somerset



The 2020 Annual Town Meeting will take place at the Methodist Schoolroom on 21 April 2020 commencing at 7pm. All government electors entitled to attend. The Agenda will be available 7 days in advance of the meeting.

For the 2019 Annual Town Meeting agenda click here, and for the minutes of the 2018 Annual Town Meeting Click Here.

Watchet Town Council - Dog Exclusion (Watchet) Order 2013

NOTICE is hereby given that Watchet Town Council made an Order on the 11 March 2013 click here to see Notice

This Order came into effect on 1 April 2013 Click on the links below to see the Order and the Map.

Dog Exclusion (Watchet) Order 2013

Dog Exclusion (Watchet) Order 2013 Map


To see your Community events and notices posted on our website contact the Town Council offices: clericalofficer@watchettowncouncil.org

Community Notices can be posted in the Community Notice Boards around the town:

The Triangular Notice Board located on the Esplanade - There are 2 sides for community notices, the Market House Museum side for A4 Annual/Seasonal events calendars, and the Esplanade side for A5 Single Events

The Swain Street Notice Board located at the Swain Street entrance to the Car Park - For A5 Single Event notices

The Mineral Yard Notice Board located at the entrance to the Mineral Yard Car Park - For A5 Single Event notices

Watchet Town Council reserve the right to amend notices that do not fit this criteria